New CCAE Exhibition – Ready to go

Very excited!! I submitted 10 paintings to the latest

 (Cambridge Center for Adult Education – oh yes!) exhibition and 8 were accepted.  Of course this meant 8 mats, 8 frames, 8 sets of forms in triplicate,  making sure all the frames had hanging hooks etc etc.

Phew!   Doing this took longer than the paintings themselves.

Still.  I really enjoy doing this and am slowly learning that I should paint to standard sizes that fit in standard frames and mats (matts? mattes?).

The pig has already sold thanks to James’ promotion on facebook!   See

 to see his calculations as to hourly income.   No giving up the day job yet sadly.

For anyone who is interested the opening reception is from 6 – 8:30pm on May 8th at 42 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA.

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