Sketching and Simplifying

Lunchtime sketching today (well yesterday).    I was struggling to find something to draw where I could also sit down and drink coffee and I ended up outside 52 Oxford St.   I started with the windows but they weren’t very satisfying so I tried trees instead.  The aim was to simplify the tree into light, medium and dark shapes and I think he’s rather handsome.

My tree.

John Lovett Watercolor Workshop – Landscape

Again this isn’t a great photo – the colors are a little off – but this is another of John Lovett’s downloadable demonstrations.   I think I’m finally getting somewhere here – the darks are dark enough and the brushstrokes are nice and random.  It’s even done on the dreaded Fabriano Studio paper (yuck) and still came out ok.

John Lovett online watercolor workshops – doors and windows

John Lovett has released a set of 3 

online watercolor workshops

 which you can download for 3 months for 9.95.   This is the first one.

I was pretty pleased with this (it’s a bit dark unfortunately but I can’t be bothered photoing it again).   Made good use of the cheapo bristle brush and the 1 inch flat.   The irregular bristles make for good foliage.

Before starting I thought this would be very straightforward but it was surprisingly tricky.   The colors came out somewhat muddier than I wanted but it has good texture and the brushstrokes have some life to them.

This next one was an exercise for the student.   At the end of the walkthrough pdf are a couple of extra photos where we can apply the techniques we’ve (supposedly) learned.

Sketching and Stretching

I’ve been neglecting the painting sticks a little lately but am back in the saddle now.    Since the Charles Reid course is less than a month away I’ve committed to doing something (sketching/painting) each day until then.   Here are the first two sketch attempts.

Here is the corner of the law school.  I thought this might work up into a nice painting  – more of that downscreen.

And here’s the divinity school.  A little scrappier as I was sitting in full sun and didn’t want to hang around too long.

Here’s the start of a painting from the law school sketch.    Even though I thought I tried to make a good composition I failed – two trees, one each side of the picture, make it too symmetrical.  However I’m not too unhappy at this point.

Oh.   I’m struggling here.   Fairly happy with the foliage – I was trying hard to get the impression of leafy detail without actually putting it in.   Doesn’t hang together though and the color sucks.  I’ll push it a little farther but this one will go to the back of the cupboard.

Last Art Class – Disasters

Sadly my last art class with Heidi Hogden.  She’s not coming back next term which is a shame as she was extremely good.

Didn’t go out on a high – I rushed into this without planning and it shows.   The drawing ended up in the wrong place – too high and central.  I was left with these huge roofs and trees in the foreground that I didn’t know what to do with.   I like the sky and parts of the tower but this was a frustrating session.