Art class – lighthouse

This is from a photo of Owl’s head lighthouse.  I’m not sure why I’m picking lighthouses recently but I did a similar John Lovett exercise recently and it wasn’t a great success.
I’m pretty happy with this.  The sky is good – a little blossomy but still good.  The rocks are ok – I may lose some of the warmth in the nearest ones.
The colorscheme is a little bright but I’m ok with that and was actually aiming for this.  Maybe I’ll do another one and aim for a little subtlety.

Art Class – Graded Washes

Ok well there isn’t actually much of a graded wash here but if you could see the other side of this there would be.  This is from a picture of Lake Como shamelessly stolen from John Lovett’s blog.   I liked the muted tones in the sky (unfortunately not shown in this terrible photo) contrasting with the darks of the trees.  Although I struggled with this I think I’m pretty happy.

Art Class – Scraping and Salt


Heidi was showing us how to create texture effects using salt and scraping pigment with the wrong end of a brush or stick.  I didn’t have anything suitable to hand so here we have some cardinals and a lighthouse.  Both are ‘challenge’ pictures – the cardinals are for the facebook page ‘Paint Colorful Birds for Fun’  and the lighthouse is for the monthly challenge.


This came out rather blander than I expected although I was pretty happy with the rocks.

Art Class Number Two – Splattering

After a major case of the CBAs last week it was good to get back to the

Heidi Hogden

 is our instructor and she’s one of the best we’ve had.  She demos techniques for us which we then go away and practice and gives great advice on the various other projects we work on.   And her art is fantastic too.
Anyway – we were practicing splattering and sponging and general texture techniques.   I had brought some flowers with me and happily tested out the splattering.

A Year in Painting

Well ok it’s more than a year.

1 exhibition
6 terms of art classes.
6 blocks of arches paper (I often paint both sides – I’m cheap)
35 tubes of paint (most are still part full – I buy too many)
20 brushes of varying types (yes I buy too many of these too)
174 posts since Feb 2012.
200 hours spent with the brushes (about)
many tweets by my PR department (aka James).

It’s been great fun and an enormously satisfying pastime.  Long may it continue.

Birds and Buildings

I’ve been a bit lax on the painting front and I was at a loose end after the 4th so out came the brushes.  Just noodling really and getting back in the swing of things.

I was looking through one of my cheap watercolor pads and found a clutch of photos of this bird.

Again just noodling after browsing through my newest John Lovett book.  I’m still really taken with his building facade paintings which are a combination of watercolor, ink and gouache.  One of these days something will click.