Cassis Harbor – on the John Lovett trail again.

I was looking at one of my previous John Lovett exercises


 and thought that I should really try again with some JL style buildings.  This is based on a photo of Cassis Harbor.  I even tried the gesso overlay to soften some of the tones on the left – this is not as easy as it looks.

I’m not totally unhappy with this.  Good things :

  •  Trees are good with just enough detail to suggest branches.  
  •  Colors aren’t bad although I probably faded out the buildings to the left too much.   
  •  I like the cadmium orange in the roof which goes well with the greens in the trees and shutters.  

It still has an awkwardness to the drawing and the line work.  Mr Lovett’s comes out as broad confident strokes that suggest detail and add texture.  Mine just look awkward although I think less awkward than before (see


for previous sketches and


 for a less awful one).

Part way through:



Procrastinating with Birgit O’Connor

Another paintalong – this time with Birgit O’Connor.  Quite tricky this one as I didn’t know what she was trying to paint until I’d got to the end so it came out a bit hit and miss.  Fun though but I don’t think I’ll be doing many more like this.

Ok – enough with the procrastinating – I’ve been putting off doing some Aruba paintings for too long.

Yet Another Landscape

I’m having another go at a John Lovett exercise painting I did a while ago.    Below is the John Lovett original :

Better?   The drawing is a little crisper and the trees have more texture and interest but a better painting?  Hard to say.

How about this crop?   Quite like this.  Will circle back in a few days to see how things settle.

Western Tanager

This is for the facebook ‘
Painting Colorful Birds for Fun

‘.  It’s a western tanager which I’d never heard of before.   It’s found on the west coast of north and south america from Panama to Alaska.     This is small – postcard size (see below) and the paper is not great but it’s a good size for a quick tweetybird.
Intermediates below

I did a quick underdrawing with a pale violet watercolour pencil (this will dissolve as we paint).  I sloshed on some underwashes to start the the colours in the head and wings.

More washes – filled in the wings with darks to give the impression of feathers.  Also blocked in the background to give form to the bird.

The final sketch on the postcard block.

John Lovett’s Splashing Paint DVD

John Lovett

 so I went back to his splashing paint DVD to do a couple of practice paintings.  These are bigger than usual at 18″x24″ and it is definitely easier to control the edges.

The reflections exercise.  The combination of the wet in wet trees overlaid with crisper edges and the final small twigs works well here I think.   Most is done with the bristle brush with details put in with a rigger.   Colors are the usual Lovett palette of antwerp blue (John actually uses phthalo which I find too overpowering),  burnt sienna, ultramarine and a dash of alizarin crimson.