Art Class 2 – Spring 2013, Landscape Sketches

Tonight we were doing landscape sketches.  I was basically wandering off doing my own thing during this producing a few 3×5 sketches and 2 5×7 ones.

Here are the 5×7 ones.

Yes this does have more than a hint of Sterling Edwards about it.    Oh and all these are on Strathmore ‘better’ paper (with the yellow cover).  It was actually pretty good although you can only really use one side of it.

And these are the smaller 3×4 ones.

An attempt at a dark, rainy, sky with distant sunlight.  

And this does indeed owe a little something to John Lovett.

Portrait – In Progress and Finished

Edit:   This is what I’m calling finished.  

I’ve shied away from portraits up until now because, well, they’re hard.  But I bit the bullet this afternoon and started this.  It’s not too bad although she does look like she has a black eye. – I’m pretty happy so far so let’s hope I don’t ruin it.
Edit:  After posting the progress on

 and getting some very useful comments I decided to trace the original reference and overlay on the painting.

So there are indeed a few things wrong.  The nose is too long, the left eye is at the wrong angle and the ear is too high.  On the whole though I’m pretty happy – I will finish this one off and then try the drawing again to see if I can improve.