Art Class – a bad day at the office


It was a real bad day at the office and then a metaphorical bad day at the office when I finally got the brushes out.   This was the best of the bunch – just a 15 minute doodle of rocks.

So this is what happens when things go wrong :

This was the main task of the night – build up flowers with different colored layers.   Hmm.  Not great huh?

Art Class – Lillies

#paintingwednesday again.   This time we had flowers – a refreshing change from the usual fruit.  This was actually my third picture.  I thought I’d expand from just the flowers themselves and include a bit of the surroundings.  Tried to keep a
Charles Reid

spirit – contour drawing, keeping everything connected,  emphasizing local color and treating the shadows as part of the object where possible.
And pretty nice it is too I think.
Big problems with the paper – it was Fabriano Studio Watercolor.  Terrible stuff.  Said it was 140lbs but seemed very thin and had almost no absorbancy.  This meant the paint dried almost immediately and it was very difficult to get soft edges.  Won’t be making that mistake again.

this was my first try.  Not bad but not my favorite.

In Progress – Central Square

I took a fancy to the ornate windows on a building in central square and thought I’d make a picture of it.  This is part way through – I’m in two minds and am not sure whether it will pull together in the end.  Perspective is off due to the camera angle – I must learn to take photos square on.

WetCanvas February 2013 Challenge – Hibiscus

WetCanvas February challenge

today.   Flowers aren’t my favorite things to paint – they look as though they should be easy but never are.   Will reserve judgement on this for a few days.

The initial washes.

Building up the form and putting in the center darks.

Finished the petals and the darks.  Debated whether to add in more shadows here

Finished and under a mat.  Not sure about the background – may revisit.

A closer crop with a smaller mat.  Better?  Can’t really tell.

Sterling Edwards Brushes – First Outing

Cumulus clouds.  A lot of wet in wet and shading/blending.  

Sunset sky.   A test of the buffered washes in the sky.   Mr Edwards separates complementary colours that might turn into mud by a third to keep the colours bright.
This is the third scene of this sort that has featured here btw – I should find something different to paint.

This was the first try – not great.   Dull colours, awkward brushstrokes but you can see that the effect of trees and grasses is pretty easy to get.
I should add here that these are all from his ‘Sky’ DVD.   There’s a final painting – foggy sky – that I didn’t get round to.   Even though I’ve done a lot of Sterling’s DVDs (would he mind me being so familiar?), and at first the 4 step process seemed a little gimmicky I have been learning a lot.   Partly this is through gaining control by putting brush to paper.  It’s quite hard at my stage to get worse with practice.