Airbrush penguin

Edit:  I may have to take this down.   It’s too cutesy and I’m fed up seeing it.
Back in the mists of time James had a website that ran a program in the background and informed you when it had started and finished.   We had a character called Bob the Scheduling Penguin that was in charge.   Here he is.   

And yes he has a belly button as tribute to the great cartoonist Steve Bell.
James requested an update to Bob and so I started on a cute, airbrushed penguin complete with belly-button.   I’m not a fan of the airbrushed look and I’m certainly not an expert but he has a certain charm.
One nice property of Infinite Painter is that it saves the progress of your painting in a series of images.  A quick pass through iMovie and you have a record of how you got to the final product.
Here it is warts and all.  Note the part where I managed to erase part of his wing by mistake.   You’ll have to run it full-screen to see the fine detail parts in the second half.    


Digital puffin on my Christmas present


So Santa brought me 


 for Christmas which is a Wacom pressure sensitive screen on an android tablet.   And very pleased I am with it too.  After trawling through *all* the drawing apps I settled on Infinite Painter which has a great interface and a good range of brushes.  Most important for me is to be able to get good texture in the brushstrokes and to be able to blend colors without getting that over-smoothed look that a lot of digital paintings have.



More sketchbook work.  We’ve been moving house and this was the first painting out of the new ‘studio’  or painting room as I call it.  He came out rather well.

This was a practice run for a puffin on a greetings card which was somewhat smaller.

What do you think?  I think I like the first one better.  Maybe I’ll have another go tomorrow.