Post workshop lull – back to the sketchbook

I’m still reluctant to pick up the brushes after the excitement of the workshop.    In order to take the (completely self-imposed) pressure off I’m going back to the sketchbook and doing quick 9×12 paintings.   Here are the latest :

The latest bird in the facebook ‘Paint colorful birds for fun’ which is a red-backed fairy wren if I remember correctly.   Didn’t come out well – made too much use of the opaques,  the darks got muddy and I tried to save it using frantic splashes and white gouache.  Could be worse though.

A little landscape to warm up with.

Another Bird – Harpy Eagle

Not a great photo as it was taken under a desk lamp light.   Another entrant for the facebook page.
I used quite a bit of black here (inspired by
Gerard Hendricks

) which is often frowned on but it was quite useful in this case.  I didn’t use it for the greys however but just some of the very dark pieces.  The greys were mostly a mix of cerulean blue, burnt sienna and ultramarine violet.

European Woodpecker

I haven’t painted in a while and after a hard days work wrestling with php code I thought a quick woodpecker was in order to keep my hand in.   My uber ebay purchase (41 37ml tubes fo Da Vinci paint for 167 dollars!) arrived last week so I have no excuse.  
This was done in my Daler Rowney Cachet watercolor sketchbook.  Unlike most supposedly watercolor sketchbooks (Moleskine I’m looking at you) the paper takes color well and is nice and heavy so it doesn’t buckle.

The painting station.   Note my travel brush with the brass handle that James very kindly got me for my birthday.   He now never misses an opportunity to mention how expensive it was.   Siberian mink aren’t cheap you know.