Still Life with Marmite Pot

I’ve neglected painting totally since I came back from Falmouth so tonight, as James was out at a works dinner, I dug out the painting sticks.    In the foreground is a tube of acrylic paint that James was using to fix the dishwasher.  Yes really – very resourceful is our James.
Pretty happy – especially the Marmite pot and the flowers.
I embezzled 13 dollars on the Marmite pot at Cardullo’s.   I always like the duck decoys that Charles Reid puts in his paintings and wanted something similar but not a duck.   It struck me half way through today that what I actually like about the ducks is the dark color combined with their curvy shape.  Thus – Marmite pots!!  

This is a photo of the setup.  I intentionally squished the vase and flowers down so there wasn’t as much empty space.   I also put in more dark foliage to define the white flowers and ignored the nasty background.

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