Thursday Life Class.

Doug Kornfeld was keen to tell us that tonight we were going to have Dan as a model.   It turns out that the classes get assigned models without any input from the teacher and it’s as much of a surprise to Doug as it is to us.
But tonight it was Dan and he was a pleasure to draw.  very expressive hand and head gestures.   
Drawings are a few 10 minuters, some 5s and a couple of 1 minute ones at the end.

Half way through we had our lesson – this week it was Otto Dix and we were encouraged to exaggerate proportions and features.   Most of us have no problem doing this inadvertently and it felt odd to do this intentionally.

CCAE Life Class

I was a bit late out of the gate but I finally signed up for a life class at the

.   No 5:30 classes this time so I trekked out for the 7:45 one.  

Most enjoyable although tiring.  Standing up for two hours at the end of the day is not my idea of a good time but it’s worthwhile in the end.
The longest we did was 10 minutes – these are 2 of them.

Still Life with Marmite Pot

I’ve neglected painting totally since I came back from Falmouth so tonight, as James was out at a works dinner, I dug out the painting sticks.    In the foreground is a tube of acrylic paint that James was using to fix the dishwasher.  Yes really – very resourceful is our James.
Pretty happy – especially the Marmite pot and the flowers.
I embezzled 13 dollars on the Marmite pot at Cardullo’s.   I always like the duck decoys that Charles Reid puts in his paintings and wanted something similar but not a duck.   It struck me half way through today that what I actually like about the ducks is the dark color combined with their curvy shape.  Thus – Marmite pots!!  

This is a photo of the setup.  I intentionally squished the vase and flowers down so there wasn’t as much empty space.   I also put in more dark foliage to define the white flowers and ignored the nasty background.