Charles Reid Workshop – Day 4 Still Life and the return of Charlie

My effort for day 4 – I’m pretty happy.

So day 4 already!!! Another still life today and a similar setup to yesterday but no Charlie the seagull (although he was present on the table).   Quite a lot going on with this one.   As you can see Mr R. is not precious about his still life objects.   A used coffee cup was improvised to break up the right hand side a little.

We’re pretty used to the process now.   30 minutes of contour like drawing – connecting the objects,  not drawing outlines, making sure the internal shapes are defined and merging shadows with shapes where needed.  The paper is the rough Schut paper again – I’m liking this more and more.

The first 20 minutes of painting.   Mr R.  went straight into the vase portion with some very strong viridian which I thought was not going to work at all.   Turns out he knows what he’s doing and I don’t.

After another 20 minutes – more of the flowers put in and some of the table objects.   Standing is Judy Reid – probably telling him off about something.

Mr R’s tools.  Nothing fancy here.

More shots of the painting mid point.   I’m really getting to appreciate the way he can represent dense foliage but leave white space to keep things from getting murky.  It’s a skill I’m yet to acquire (as you’ll see below).

A shot of the painting setup and an action shot.   You can just see the chair he sits in in the top photo – it’s incredibly uncomfortable and very low to the ground.

The final picture.  I think I like this better than the previous one.

All demo paintings were put up for sale.   After the prices were announced I decided against buying one.  If I’d had the cash handy I’d have put my name down for one of the still lives – probably this one.

Prices were 700 and 1100 for the portraits and 1400 for each of the still lives.  Hmm.  And this is way below gallery prices.

Ok – now for our turn.   As it was my turn in the front row I got first pick of the still lives (lifes?).  I plumped for Charles’ setup again so I could try to put into practice the things I’d seen in the morning.   I also snuck Charlie back in again.   

The drawing – 30 mins for this.

The first 30 minutes of painting.   I  started off pretty stiff (in the vase region) and put in a conscious effort to loosen up the ol’ brushstrokes in the top flowers.   Not too displeased at this stage but was struggling.

Here’s the photo of the setup from where I was sitting.

And here’s the finish after another hour or so of painting.  I really sped up towards the end.   Mr R. said he didn’t like the bottle as it didn’t connect to the rest of the objects and he’s right.    He suggested including something to the right and in front of the bottle to offset this (I cropped this picture and there is actually some spare space).

This was a tough session – getting everything drawn and painted in the time takes a lot of concentration (more so than the figure paintings interestingly).  Also we’re all getting better and more sophisticated with our paintings since the first day so we have more to get done.     Glad to come back for a rest today.

Before going back to the hotel Boris and I made a small trip out to Nobska lighthouse.   I have intentions of getting up early and going out tomorrow morning to paint this but we’ll see how that matches up to reality.

As well as the lighthouse there are great views of the shoreline.

Boris behaved himself in the carpark.   This is a bit hairy as there is room for precisely 3 1/2 cars and it’s on a nasty, narrow blind corner.  Reverse at your peril.

Tomorrow – we’re outside for trees and buildings.  Can’t wait!!!

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