Charles Reid Workshop – Day 2. Charlie the Seagull

This is Charlie the seagull and this was almost the most expensive seagull ever.    Yesterday Judy Reid was fetching in some props and flowers for today’s still life.   I went over and asked whether they’d brought any wooden duck decoys as Charles often uses these in his still lives.  They are interesting things to paint and are something of a signature for Mr Reid.    Unfortunately Judy said so they hadn’t brought any which I thought was a bit of a shame.    So then I had a brainwave – this is a nautical town yes?    Surely, in one of the many shops on Falmouth main street there would be something approximating a wooden duck?  So at lunchtime off I went and traipsed through pretty much every gift and knick-knack shop in Falmouth.  Lighthouses yes.   Tea towels with ships on yes.   Oven gloves with embroidered lobsters were obviously very much in vogue.   Ducks no.
But then I saw him.  Not a duck but close enough and he looked very fetching perched on his stick nestled between the ornamental lighthouses and seashell encrusted lobster pots.  And considering the amount of money already spent on this week another 18.99 wasn’t going to break the bank.   I snapped him up and trotted back with him nicely wrapped up in a brown paper bag.
Oh boy was I pleased with myself.   Announcements were made to the class  – ‘Look what Michele has bought!’.   I accepted the accolades with grace and humility and he was put in pride of place next to the plastic fruit and pottery armadillos for the next day.
But then – oh dear.   I reached into my bag to get my phone out to take a picture and no phone.  Frantic searching through the amazing amount of crap that all of us had brought didn’t find anything.   Ringing my number didn’t turn anything up either.   I must have left it in one of the many shops I’d just spent the last hour scouring.   I had no option but to go and look for it and, if it couldn’t be found, spending the next 5 hours changing every password I’ve ever set.   I’ve been waiting 9 months for this course and was going to waste a good portion of it because I’d been an idiot and had to be teacher’s pet.
Back I went.  Back through the shops with life size pewter seals.  Back through the racks of plastic flip-flops and boxes of Cape Cod fudge.  Back through display after display of tastefully anonymous silver jewellery.   
And there it was.   Sitting next to the cash register in the same shop that I’d found Charlie the seagull in.  I must have been so excited to buy him that Mr Samsung Galaxy S3 was left behind.
Back to the Art Center I went again.  Hot and annoyed and having wasted another precious hour of painting.    
He’d better bloody use it after all this trouble.

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