Workshop exercises

So from exercise to practice on my own.   This is always tricky and, in the past, I’ve failed to plan enough before launching in with the brushes.

 – I also didn’t make my classic mistake of putting too much detail in the foreground (just cos it’s close to you doesn’t mean you should put everything in).   There’s some detail in there but it’s muted with close tones and doesn’t detract from anything else.

Bad points:  

 – I didn’t really know what to do with the large dark mass of trees on the left hand side and it became overworked.   

 – The trees poking out on the left are also a little spindly.   

 – The background hills show too much of the brushstrokes and working when the paper was wetter would have softened them all up.   

 – Color is ok but a little meh.  some more color strength in the mid tones and focal point would give it some sparkle.

 – Composition – again meh.   If I were to do it again I would squish the middle, dark tones into more of a band (and maybe introduce another stripe of light and dark to add impact.

 – Hard to tell whether the thing in the center is a road or a river (it’s a river btw).

But these last few paintings make me think another corner has been turned.   I’m starting to think in terms of paintings rather than ‘pictures of stuff’.

Oh – and here is the

original photo

courtesy of Mr Lovett.  Yes I know there’s not much resemblance but, in this case, that wasn’t the point.

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