Final Art Class – in the doldrums

So last night was our final art class of this session.   Numbers were down to 4 and the atmosphere was somewhat lethargic.    Annoyingly I’d printed out some reference photos to do some bee and bluebottle paintings and left them on my desk so I had to resort to painting the cherry branches and their buds.

Nothing really to write home about which wasn’t surprising as I wasn’t very enthusiastic.  I quite like the two on the left – the tones are closer and the simplified layers give a nice effect.

After getting bored with buds I started a small landscape and tried the John Lovett approach.  It didn’t work.

This is one of the times I feel like I’m going backwards.  I know I should just push through this as it’s likely to be because I’m trying more ambitious things but it’s pretty demoralizing.  I still fancy having a crack at those bees though.   Maybe they’ll be my breakthrough.

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