Sunday Painting – House

I’m still on a building kick.  After the disappointing
Central Square painting

I tried again with this photo of a hotel near Lake Garda.   It’s too soon to tell whether I like this or not – but I definitely detest that wretched little tree in the foreground.
Edit (3/20/13):   Apart from the WLT (wretched little tree) I like this more and more.  It is one of the few paintings that looks much better in real life than on the screen.    I tried hard to simplify and suggest with flat washes which worked well on the shutters and windows.   There are still problems to overcome with the darks and foreground but all in all this is progress. 
Intermediate stages below :

The initial washes.  I tried to use the 1 inch bristle brush (that I’d trimmed to be even more ragged) to do the trees but it didn’t really work.  The wall and roof washes I  was pretty happy with.

Some detail around the windows and foreground grass.  I was pretty happy with the shutters – they were put in quickly with a 1 inch flat and had extra colour dropped in for variety.  To get the lighter areas I left some regions blank and pulled colour into them using a 1/4 inch flat.
It’s not obvious here but I’ve tried to fade out the windows on the right hand side so as to have the uppermost window as the focal point.  The colours are cooler and the range of values is much smaller.

More detail in here.   I’ve darkened the windows, addd some roof detail and put the roof shadows in.

Washed in a light coblat sky, tidied up the left hand trees reasonably well and darkened the foreground grass.  Also put that wretched foreground tree in that sticks out like a sore thumb.

Finished (for now anyway).   Some line detail around the windows and roof and softened the horrible tree.

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