Sterling Edwards Brushes – First Outing

Cumulus clouds.  A lot of wet in wet and shading/blending.  

Sunset sky.   A test of the buffered washes in the sky.   Mr Edwards separates complementary colours that might turn into mud by a third to keep the colours bright.
This is the third scene of this sort that has featured here btw – I should find something different to paint.

This was the first try – not great.   Dull colours, awkward brushstrokes but you can see that the effect of trees and grasses is pretty easy to get.
I should add here that these are all from his ‘Sky’ DVD.   There’s a final painting – foggy sky – that I didn’t get round to.   Even though I’ve done a lot of Sterling’s DVDs (would he mind me being so familiar?), and at first the 4 step process seemed a little gimmicky I have been learning a lot.   Partly this is through gaining control by putting brush to paper.  It’s quite hard at my stage to get worse with practice.   

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