New Art Class – Class 1

New class at the 
Cambridge Center for Adult Education

 and things are a bit different this time.   No photos to paint from but real still lives set up in the middle of the room.  We were asked first to paint some reference colour swatches and then dive in with paint on paper with the still life.   No sketching, just paint on paper starting very light and vague and then darkening and sharpening up the lines as we went along.   Very different to what I’m used to but great fun and the result has a certain something.

Trees with Sterling Edwards – number 1

Just a quick warmup painting along with Mr Sterling Edwards.  Hard to watch and paint at the same time.  He goes an awfully lot faster than I do and I think I’m pretty quick.  Got some good practice in with the rigger brush – I’ve learned to steady my hand when I start with my little finger.  Somehow it makes the whole stroke go in the intended direction.

Distant trees are a bit too purple and hardly any of them are vertical which makes things look a bit odd


The final painting. (Edit: No more fur for a while – this is just demoralizing)
After soliciting requests from James about subject matter he suggested dogs and rummaged around on the internet to find a photo.    I found this very difficult – fur is hard and dark fur is very hard.  On top of that there wasn’t much variation in the coat to suggest form or texture. But, a request is a request.

The preliminary sketch – looking promising.

The first attempt.  Oh dear – what happened?   

Take two.  Now this is a bit better.  Still not really happy though.  Add dogs to my list of nemeses (can you have more than one nemesis?)