Sketch Exercise 1 from Bert Dodson

I’ve been reading Bert Dodson’s Keys to Drawing on the bus to and from work.  It is an intensely practical book with exercises and assessment checklists.   However, it doesn’t come across as a ‘craft’ book but more a means of training your eye and hand.   The aim is to get you past the technical hurdles of drawing so you can focus your attention on the more expressive parts.
Like musical scales but more enjoyable.
This is exercise one – draw feet!

Tiger start

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on the blog yet.  After the lion triumph James suggested I do pictures of all the apple os x cats.   Nice idea and combines the painterly with the geeky.  However, I’ve been putting it off as I’m now under pressure to produce something good, or at least recognizable, for about 10 different cats.   I’ve made a start with a tiger sketch but am reluctant to put paint to paper.

Last outdoor class – Charles river

Not a great finale.  We trooped down to the river and perched ourselves on a park bench facing the John Weeks bridge.  The preliminary sketch went well but I struggled from the outset, the colors were wrong and I had trouble unifying the tree with the bridge. 

Photo of the scene cropped roughly to the size of the painting.    Yes my chimneys are too short.

Preliminary sketch.   I chickened out of putting the boat in.

Birthday present has arrived

My Guerrilla thumbox has arrived!   No excuses for no outdoors painting now.    Much thanks to James for going through the considerable pain of getting this for me  – 2 shop visits,  1 internet order,  1 tweet shaming,  1 lost internet order,  1 found internet order,  box arrived.   Blick did compensate us with a $40 gift voucher which I will look forward to embezzling on some fancy brushes.