New pencil

I’ve been carrying around a solid graphite 8B pencil with my travel sketchbook and I’ve ended up with the graphite covering absolutely everything.  My new solution is a lead with a holder where you can withdraw the lead inside the holder when you’re not using it.

And here is the result.  Done from a photo that was set as the July 2012 challenge at

. My water reflections need a bit of work – first time for these so it was always going to be touch and go.
Have to admit that I didn’t use the purple at all – it didn’t really fit.  The others came together pretty well though – I’m not displeased.   Well done and much thanks to James.

New Paint Colours

For my birthday James bought me some new colours and has been asking when I’m going to use them. Today is the day.

Here they are on the paper.   I’m intending to paint something using these colours only and am pondering whether the lack of a yellow will harm things.

HashtagPaintingFriday take 2

After sitting in the car and driving around a bit waiting for the rain to stop I landed here next to the Mystic Lakes.  This isn’t a particularly fancy bridge – it’s just for cars but that doesn’t matter.

Unfinished again partly cos it started to rain and partly cos I started to get peckish.  Next time – bring sandwiches.

I also discovered my water pot wasn’t water tight and I was only left with half an inch of murky water.  Doesn’t help with the colors much.


It was Friday and I was shattered after a week of chasing files and when I wasn’t doing that chasing grants.    So I took myself off in the Boris car for an afternoon’s painting and to hell with it.

I was all togged out.  Folding stool – check, hat – check, brolly – check, paints/brushes/water – check.

This was the result of an hour’s painting by the Arlington reservoir and I’m rather chuffed with it.  It’s unfinished as it started to rain and I discovered how hard it is trying to hold a brolly in one hand, a brush in the other and not to get everything wet and paint all over myself.

Outdoor landscape class number 2

So this is the view of the boathouse from across the river at JFK park.   This was a strange one – usually if it is enjoyable when you’re actually doing the painting the end result is pretty good. In this case it didn’t turn out so well.  Trees – ok.  Building – meh!  Somewhat insipid and the drawing is wonky.  Never mind – it was a glorious evening to sit by the river for a couple of hours.