Weekend painting – more trees

Inspired by Tom Lynch’s impressive tree skills (very handy as he seems to have a lot of golf course commissions) I tried out a 1″ flat brush, a new rigger brush and some splattering.  Pretty successful and not a lollipop in sight.

I’ve been looking around this week and have become preoccupied with tree shapes.   If you actually pay attention to the tree structure the underlying branches are much  more visible that I previously thought.

For example here.  Branches are visible, especially towards the bottom of the tree and in the middle.   These branch additions using the rigger seem vital if you want to capture the ‘treeness’ of trees.

Okay.  Not all trees turn out so good.

Art class number 4

Two paintings this week.  Not too unhappy with this one although getting a vertical spire seems to be beyond me.  Pleased with the wet in wet in the foreground and the background trees.  Attempted some dry brush with the leafless trees which didn’t really work.

Close up of the spire.  The rough paper was stopping me putting in the detail (hence the wonky spire amongst other things).   Quite like this one.

Trees and different paper

Rough paper.  Easy to get texture in the leaves and foreground

Cold pressed paper.  Leaf texture is not too bad but I had to try *really* hard to get it.  It’s very easy to end up with lollipops.

My mini watercolor moleskine and niji waterbrush.  Almost impossible to get texture with these but the combination is fine for sketching.