John Lovett Exercise – Cafe Scene

The finished painting.    

Preliminary drawing for John Lovett’s cafe scene from ‘Watercolor for the Fun of it’.  And what a good title that is.
Hmm – ok now I’ve uploaded this I can see that the people are out of perspective – will redo.

The first underwashes.  Quinacridone gold and alizarin with more intense color in the middle fading out toward the edges.

The awnings and roofs are put in.  Alizarin crimson and cadmium red for awnings and cadmium red and quinacridone gold for the roofs.   Colours are slightly more brash in the photo than in real life.

Now some darks to outline the figures and add depth to the windows.  Also some surrounding cool greys for the edge buildlings and foreground.

Now some sky.   Light wash of pure prussian blue added into a prewetted sky with a 1″ flat brush to cut round the roof.   Colour is also brought down the sides and into the foreground.
Additional colour for the signs and the umbrella are brought in to contrast with the warm walls. awnings and roof.

And the finished painting.   Details were put in with a rigger and a final blue wash around the edges just to pull it together.

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