John Lovett House Exercise – Take 2

The second try.   For comparison the first try is below and below that intermediate stages.   
So is there improvement?  The second version is on bigger paper which definitely made the painting easier.  The brickwork is definitely looking better and I think the trees and bushes are pretty good.  It’s still got an awkwardness about it though which could partly be due to trying to reproduce a painting. 
Ho hum – onward mon brave.
Edit – having another look I may try and knock back the contrast in the edge areas to enhance the center of interest.  Additionally a shot of red in the center of interest may also help to unify things.    I’ll leave it a day or so and see how things look.  Often something that I’m pleased with immediately after painting will look terrible a few days later.   And vice versa – something I’m pretty meh about will gradually take on something special after I’ve left it for a while.  All part of the magic I suppose.

The first washes.

The darks and wall and window detail.

Harvard University – Dillon Fieldhouse

Dillon Fieldhouse

Okay we’re done now.  The left hand tree is ok but I obviously should have considered the final composition before starting (duh!).  Also the photo emphasizes the slight inaccuracies in the drawing which aren’t as apparent in the real, much larger, painting.  This is a shame as I spent a long time trying to avoid this.

But all in all I’m pleased.

Dillon Fieldhouse sketch

The quick thumbnail working out the darks/lights and color choices.

Trying to apply lessons learned to a new subject.  Looking to have more unified colour,  better contrast and some clean verticals and horizontals in the building.

Dillon Fieldhouse Watercolor

Getting closer.

John Lovett Inspiration

So Santa brought me
John’s Lovett’s

Splashing Paint DVD this year and by God is it good.   Lots of ideas and advice and just seeing him put paint to paper is educational.   In particular it was good to see his use of a tatty old bristle brush to give wonderful ragged brush marks.  I dug out an old acrylic brush to try the same and I’m pretty happy with the results.

Rocks – John Lovett again

 I diverged from the script on this one.  The instructions were to use pen and ink to outline the rocks before starting but I couldn’t be bothered to rummage around for a pen and dived straight in with the washes.  Considering some of my previous rock attempts this actually turned out quite well.


I’m gathering courage to start on an eagle painting and thought I’d start small with a hummingbird.   Reasonably happy with the bird which was done mostly from my head after a little browsing of the internet.  Flower sucks as usual and the colours are all over the place.  I think I’ll redo this with a more limited palette and see what happens.

More John Lovett Exercises – Sailboat

Getting to the end of John Lovett’s exercises now.  Getting a little disheartened to be honest – I’m not learning as much as I thought I would.

Edit:  This turned out well in the end.  The contrasts are in the right place and the line work is just enough to create the right effect.   Also the brush work in the sea is lively and suggests movement.