John Lovett Exercise 3 – House with Veranda

Exercise number 3 (or is it 4?).   I’m really liking this book (
John Lovett’s

Watercolor for the Fun of It: Getting Started

)- this is a pretty complicated picture and more than a little daunting.  However the instructions are clear and it’s not just a case of monkey see, monkey do, there are real lessons to be learned here.
Happy with this although I really did mess up the sky wash – I tried to put it in with some scraps of ultramarine I had left in my palette.  Too lazy to go and fetch the tube and I suffered for it.  The house washes went in well though and we’re putting our stone and brick training into practice.   I’m starting to see the benefit of ‘dialing back’ certain areas of the picture to highlight a focal area.  In this case it was putting cool grey washes over the foreground and side buildings in order to bring out the central part.   I’m usually loath to cover up something I’ve already painted with a layer of grey but it definitely makes a difference.
Other things that I’m benefitting from include rigger work.  That is putting in definition with the rigger (very thin) brush.  You can see this in the branches,  outlines of the windows and verandah and between the stones.   A little bit of practice here results in branches that look like they’re made of wood rather than plasticene.  Onward and upward.

And here he is in a mat.   The paper buckled a bit so the roof appeared wonky in the first photo.

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