Still Life a la Charles Reid

Another paint along – this time Charles Reid.   I’m getting a little frustrated with these paint-alongs.  I’m not really sure that I learn anything very much.  It’s really hard to concentrate on your own painting when you have half an eye on what they’re doing.  That and the fact you don’t have the real still life in front of you means you don’t really learn much about translating what your eyes see into what goes onto the paper.

I think this means fewer copies and time to branch out on my own yes?

Flowers – take 3

Take 3.   Time for a break on the flowers.

View from the other side this time.  Yes they are starting to look a little tired here.

Contours again.

Flowers take 2 :

Ok this is better but sheesh!

Flowers take 1 :

We usually get a selection of vegetables to paint at art class and butternut squash can only give me so much inspiration.  So this week I brought a bouquet of flowers for some variation.
How hard can flowers be?  They are of indeterminate shape and are brightly coloured so should be easy yes?   Oh boy.

The subject.

The initial drawing

Hmm oh dear.   Time to start afresh I think

Red Cardinal

Update:  I Put a different background in.  Any better?  Possibly.

Not really sure why I started this one really.   After all the trauma with the owls and everything.  Anyway I think I was trying to apply the methods used in the John Lovett fish to some other type of creature and this is the result.
Not very happy – the background is insipid and put a bit of holly in its beak we could have a twee Christmas card.  Quite like the top bit of the branch though.

Muse Vacation

(Edit: 23rd December 2012.   Put some extra colour in the sky, brick detail on the house, some branches and more foliage.  Does it help?)

Yeah well I don’t know what it is with me and subject matter right now.  Let’s just say you can’t win them all.

What was I trying here?  I was trying the old Sterling Edwards mid-tones/darks/glazes/detail 4 step thing combined with a bit of John Lovett’s pale washes contrasting with dark line work.

Neither worked.

Here he is half way through.  Frankly this was better.

Owl : Art class – Autumn 2012 – finished and unfinished

Finished and in a custom mat.

Here he is in a close to finished state.  I still want to get some more depth to the eyes and tone down the blooms in the background but he’s almost there.

Yes here we are again with the owls.   I’m quietly confident this will turn out well.   I’m not actually going to do too much more on the body area – I’ll keep it loose and vague and put more detail in the face.

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More John Lovett – exercise 5

Getting a bit tired now and this was a little half hearted.    The trees took a while to get the hang of – instructions were use the corner of a 1 inch flat brush and flick.   After a page or two of failed flicked trees I settled on a fairly wet mix and using the trailing corner to flick up and out.  Gave something approaching the effect asked for.
Not a bad effort though – a good day’s work.

John Lovett exercise 4 – door

Really enjoyed this one  – lots of line and dry brush to give texture.  I started without reading the instructions (as usual) and discovered I should have used rough paper.  This is a quarter sheet of cold pressed Fabriano Artistico but it seems to do the job.

And again sitting under a mat – wonky as usual as the paper crinkled.